11×17 Flatbed Scanners

When scanners were first introduced, they were considered a great boon for those who needed to convert paper documents and images into digital form for storage and editing on the computer. There was always a certain amount of frustration involved, however, as many people found that the relatively small size of the flatbed scanner made it difficult to convert larger images and large documents. This was especially true when it came to scanning books and magazines of larger sizes. The introduction of the 11×17 flatbed scanners, however, changed all of that. Today, with the right large bed scanner, you can make digital copies of just about any document or image you possess.

Looking at the best

When it comes to 11×17 flatbed scanners, there are many options from which to choose, and the technology involved in these scanners is almost uniformly high quality. Still, as with every type of product, there are good 11×17 scanners and then there are great ones. When it comes to great flatbed scanners of the larger variety, few can compare with the models manufactured by Panasonic and Xerox. Just a brief review of the various features and capabilities of each reveals just how advanced these companies’ scanners are in comparison to the competition, ad how suitable they can be for your every scanning need.

The Panasonic KV-S7075C

With this Panasonic model, 11×17 flatbed scanners have taken a great leap forward in reliability and image resolution. First of all, this scanner – almost alone among its rivals – gives you the ability to scan copies of multiple images or documents at the same time, as the scanner software stores each image as a separate file. Called “multi-crop”, this technology can enable you to avoid the hassle of repetitive scanning of single items to single files, since it does everything in a batch and gives you the freedom to choose which parts of which image go into which image file. The Panasonic also allows you to scan to a maximum size of one hundred inches! In addition, its speed in scanning makes it one of the best in its class.

The Xerox DocuMate 700

And then there is Xerox. Long recognized as the original innovator in copier technology, the Xerox foray into 11×17 flatbed scanners includes the DocuMate. With its self-contained USB hub, the DocuMate connects to your computer directly, without the extra installation steps involved in many other models. Its large scanner bed comes with software that enables you to use favorite setting for the save process, thereby eliminating many of the time consuming steps often seen in the scanning process. You simply choose the file destination for your scan and let the scanner itself do the rest.

A little more costly

If there’s a drawback to either of these 11×17 flatbed scanners, it’s in the area of price. Coming in at below $1000, the overall cost of these scanners will still give many people pause. Still, tech prices tend to drop over time, and you can be reasonably assured that the price of these scanners will drop as well. For those who can afford them, however, there are few 11×17 flatbed scanners available on the market today that can match either of these products for sheer functionality in the area of large document scanning.

Available in stores and online

Thankfully, the purchasing options for 11×17 flatbed scanners are broader than ever. Many online stores now offer them for sale, and the internet has made it easier than ever before to order directly from the manufacturer. Before buying, however, be sure that you shop around for the best prices to ensure that the money you spend for this important item is no more than necessary.